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Sihanoukville is Cambodiaís heavenly beach town. With more and more visitors, and the promise of future flight links with Siem Reap, developments in the town are exciting and itís a fun and attractive place to spend some time. Out on a headland, ringed by pristine white beaches, the town is laid back, lazy, and full of idle charm. Whether youíre into partying, relaxing or sightseeing, there is something here for everyone.



Beaches, beaches, beaches. These are generally fantastic: the most popular and attractive is Ochheuteal/Serendipity, and this is of course now the most crowded.
Victory Beach is popular with backpackers, set nearer the port. Independence and Otres are both undeveloped and empty most of the time. Sokha Beach is the prettiest, but is now privatized and for paying guests of the hotel only. Please do not wear beachwear in the town Ė Cambodians are not keen on letting it all hang out in public.
If beaches arenít your thing, visit Kbal Chhaay Waterfall, which is pretty and close by; Ream National Park for beauty and silence; the old fishing port at Domnup Rolok for charm and interest, and compare it with the modern port round the corner; islands close and far, for picnics and beaches, or scuba diving. If itís the culture you are here for, Sihanoukvilleís two major pagodas are of interest, particularly as one is on a high mountain giving great views of the surrounding area... More...


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There are more than a dozen islands around Sihanoukville, many of them begging to be explored. All of the islands are undeveloped and have beautiful and quiet environments. This is a great chance to... More...


Sihanoukville Mountain is a commanding 132 meters above the town, and gives a fantastic... More...

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